SOBIN : For Future Smile

*Dental Industry Knowledge System: SOBIN

(Japanese version)

SOBIN is a “knowledge system” that contributes to the future of dentistry and helps patients smile while answering questions about their health.

SOBIN was developed by dentists and dental hygienists in cooperation with each other, sharing their experience and know-how (knowledge) with the aim of contributing to the mental and physical health of patients in pursuit of oral health and beauty.

In addition to oral health and beauty, SOBIN‘s approach will be to provide information on new technologies and services, as well as a knowledge system that crosses multiple disciplines. By taking a comprehensive and multifaceted approach, we will strive to create a knowledge system that is beneficial to the dental health industry and patients.

  • S: “Smile scape” represents the treatment and care that patients need to regain a healthy and beautiful smile. The combination of “smile” and “scape” represents a beautiful view from the oral cavity.
  • O: “Oral Wellness” represents comprehensive oral care to maintain oral health and support overall health.
  • BIN: “BrightenIN” is a combination of the words “Brighten,” meaning “to brighten,” and “IN,” meaning “Inside. For this word, we aim to restore patients’ smiles and confidence by making their oral cavity brighten and shine. It also expresses the meaning that brightening the patient’s mouth can facilitate communication between the patient and professionals such as dentists and dental hygienists, and can provide more effective treatment.

SOBIN aims to contribute to the dental industry for the future. In the near future, we also aim to contribute to providing solutions and answers to various dental-related questions of people not only in Japan but also around the world.